Frequently Asked Questions

What is US is a web-based directory of Subject Matter Experts who are involved in the various aspects of the Drug Discovery, Development, Manufacturing and Commercialization Paradigm.  A Subject Matter Expert may be a single individual or a company of individuals who has knowledge or expertise in one or more these areas.

Who started

Dr. Robert J Timko is the Founder of the Directory. Dr. Timko has spent the last 35+ years working in the Pharmaceutical Industry in various technical and managerial capacities for small start-up to large multinational companies. Presently, he is the Founder and President of RhoTau Pharma Services, LLC, a pharmaceutical and regulatory sciences consulting firm.

Is there a fee for use of this website?

There is no fee for those seeking the assistance of the Subject Matter Experts who have webpages on this website.  Subject Matter Experts who have a webpage on this site may be charged a fee if they choose to upgrade their webpage from the basic format.

As a Subject Matter Expert, what are the benefits of a webpage on this web-based directory?

As a Subject Matter Expert you are provided a webpage to display your unique knowledge and expertise which can then be viewed by potential clients who are free to contact you for the use of your services.

How does this website work?

This website is a directory of subject matter experts with their unique knowledge and experience in various aspects of the Drug Development process from Discovery to Commercialization. Each Expert has a custom designed webpage. Those seeking a Subject Matter Expert can search these webpages for the expertise desired and then contact the Expert for further interactions.

How does do I/my personal website benefit from being a member of

By being a member of the web directory, your linked personal website gains additional SEO (search engine optimization) credibility and, as a result, enhanced visibility to the larger worldwide web search engines such as Google, Bing, Aol, and Yahoo Search.

But I Don’t Have a Website…

You can still sign up and become a member of the online web directory. You can use your personalized US Pharmaceutical webpage to showcase your subject matter perspective clients who may wish to employ your services.  Your linked personalized webpage will gain SEO credibility and enhance your visibility on the worldwide web search engines.