About Us

USPharmaceuticalConsultants.com is a web based directory of Subject Matter Experts. A Subject Matter Expert may be a single individual or a company of individuals with knowledge and expertise in one or more of these areas:

  • drug discovery
  • development
  • manufacturing
  • commercialization

Dr. Robert Timko, the Founder of the website, recognized during his many years of working in the global pharmaceutical industry that inevitably a situation develops which would require the assistance of a Subject Matter Expert to supplement the extensive in-house knowledge and experience. Such a situation may occur in small start-up companies to large multinational firms and involve in some aspect of the drug development paradigm. The situation could be, for example, for a newly discovered drug entity, a generic drug, a medical device, and may involve a safety, clinical, or commercialization topic.

When such expertise is required, the questions that invariably arise are; for example, how does one find, select and contact this expert? Also, is this expert available and willing to provide the desired assistance?

This Subject Matter Expert identification and selection process can be a daunting task. To this end, a web based pharmaceutical related Subject Matter directory which can assist those requiring specific pharmaceutical disciplinary expertise was developed.

USPharmaceuticalConsultants.com provides a location where Pharmaceutical Subject Matter Experts are able to showcase their knowledge and experience and those who may require such assistance, can select the Experts that best meet their development specific requirements.

Specifically, USPharmaceutialConsultants.com brings together those knowledgeable and with experience in the Drug Development Process from discovery through commercialization into one easily accessible location to aid those who may require their assistance.